Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters


Captain Aaron & crew typically target Dolphin during when they are most abundant in numbers during the summer months of June – September. Dolphin like to hang out around sargassum grass lines or patches and can be targeted by trolling or running and gunning. Trolling defined weed lines with conventional tackle can be a very affective way to locate schools of fish over longer distances. Tolling can also be easier way to land them for children, beginners or anyone who is not as comfortable with a spinning rod. The other most common method we use targeting Mahi Mahi is known as running and gunning. Running and gunning is a technique which charter boats and recreational anglers us alike to cover large amounts of water by running the boat to a grass patch, pitching spinning rods at it and repeating the cycle until we locate a grass patch with dolphin on it. Dolphin are schooling fish that stick together especially before they reach maturity which means when we find one we typically find a school. Mutton To It Charters targets dolphin by pitching artificial lures, live baits or chunk baits at the schools and once one fish is on it many times brings the entire school to the boat.  Captain Aaron rigs multiple spinning rods and have a second or third angler casting at the school which makes double and triple hookups common.  Come experience action packed dolphin fishing with Mutton To It charters. 


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